This blog started off during the COVID-19/"Corona-virus" pandemic in 2020. Long periods at home made me itching to go out. My hometown is the largest city of the Netherlands in size, but most of it is beautiful nature. Time to combine two old hobbies, and get fit at the same time: Biking, and photography. Here are the results of my adventures, and hunting for fun experiences and beautiful photos.

Excited from my first visit to it on June 14th, I went back for more on June 23rd and was not disappointed. I stumbled upon wisents (European bisons), and Przewalski-horses. The 14th it was raining but nice, but now it was quite hot!

My first visit to the nature park in my home town Lelystad. It was a bit rainy weather and quite overcast. I did manage to meet a wild board, but that was about it.